Poker after dark

Poker After Dark is an hour-long poker television program on NBC. The program returned to American television over the NBCSN on March 5, 2012, with previously aired repeats. Soon after, unaired episodes from season 7 began airing for the poker after dark time, beginning June 4, 2012.

The Poker After Dark format featured an “intimate look at one table as it develops over the week. Commentator Ali Nejad’s commentary is limited, allowing viewers to hear much of the table talk among the players, all of whom are mic’ed. The series was originally structured as a series of week-long No Limit Texas hold ’em mini-tournaments for six top poker professionals. Poker After Dark aired six times a week, at 2:05 a. Tuesday through Saturday, and then at 1:00 a. NBC abruptly stopped airing Poker After Dark on September 23, 2011, a few days after Preet Bharara, the U. This section needs additional citations for verification.

In Canada Poker After Dark aired afternoons and late nights on Rogers Sportsnet and, since fall 2009 on the French network V. In France Poker After Dark airs at night on RTL9. In Germany, it airs on SPORT1, with commentary provided by Michael Körner. Season 2 was taped in May 2007 at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

Season 3 was taped in October 2007 at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. Light chose to play against, though Light said in an interview during one of the week’s episodes that he was only asked to list his favorite players, and did not know that the list would be used to form the table. Season 4 was taped in April 2008 at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. Season 4 episode titles and presumed seating order taken from NBC’s Web site. 400 no-limit game instead of a winner take all tournament.