Poker tutorial

Words as fold, check, go all in sound familiar for you? Of course they poker tutorial especially if you are a big fan of poker games. The poker game is if not a captivating game a very exciting one.

After all, you know what cards you have in your hand, but you don’t know what cards have your opponents and you also don’t know what cards remained on the table. Also, the poker rounds can bring you lots of money or you can lose them all. So, it is an exciting one. Well, Youda games had developed this game. It is an online game, which is now played by millions of people from the entire world. It is following the same standard rules from the common and classical poker games, but with something that can be considered a plot. About the plot we will talk later.

Governor of poker 4 is a new version of the sequel that carries this name. If you will give it a try, you will undoubtedly love it. Unlike other online poker games, this one has a plot, and quite an entertaining one. You will be traveling in Texas. There you will participate at several poker tournaments. You will have to win them all in order to win cash.

The cash will be spent in purchasing several buildings. Notice that you will not stay in a single town, but you will be traveling from town to town. So, use your skills, your luck or strategies in order to win as many cash as possible. After matches and sometimes even before them you can go at a walk in the town, talk with people and so on. It is like living into an artificial world, where poker is the main source for survival. Other than poker there are lots of casino games you can play online, including poker variations such as video poker, red dog etc.